How to choose what/where to study?

Are you wondering what the next step should be after leaving school? Well Oval International college has put together a guide to help you choose what to study and where to study in South Africa. So you know that you want to study but not sure exactly what yet? Choosing what to study comes down to your own passion - Doing what you love will give your life purpose and help you to fulfill your goals. By choosing the program that makes you excited to learn, this will help to transform a mundane job into something you love to do. Oval Education provides free career advice from professional student advisors, that will choose the best course suited to your passion. Choosing the right college will help you succeed in your studies. Here are our top tips when choosing what to study:

Lets Begin

Tip number 1
Find a college that suits you
Choosing the right college can be a daunting task but when you find the one that matches your interests it will help you succeed and grow into a top-class professional. You should choose your college that will allow you the freedom to grow and learn in the way that suits your needs. Oval offers its students the freedom to study in the way that they want through distance or contact learning. We also offer our students the chance to get firsthand experience in the working environment by providing internship opportunities.

Tip number 2:
What is your passion? When choosing what and where to study in South Africa it's highly important to consider what you are interested in learning. You need to consider if studying a course will allow you to have an exciting career that you're passionate about or if it's what your parents want you to study. Remember that what you study should be something that makes you happy. By considering these different scenarios you will have a clearer path of what you want to study. Oval has free student advisors that can guide you when deciding your future of possibilities.

Tip number 3:
Think about your future of possibilities Studying at a college is an investment in yourself. Obtaining a degree, diploma or certificate can open doors into a vast future of possibilities. Having a quality higher education can enable you to get better paying jobs in multinational corporations. Ovals alumi are industry leaders in various companies such as Standard Bank, Toyota, Vodacom, and Foschini.

Tip number 4:
The why? Think about the reasons why you want to study. Do you want to learn new skills that will expand your career options? Then you should choose a course that can help you achieve the required skills to excel in different industries you wish to work. There are new industries being created as we speak in humanities, commerce and administration, science and technology. Oval offers innovative courses in these fields to help our students stay relevant for years to come in emerging and new industries. If your goal is to expand on your existing skill set then taking short courses or furthering your studies can help you go further in your current job and even get a promotion. Our friendly neighborhood advisors (not Spiderman) are willing to assist you if you are uncertain on which program you want to study or if you just want to chat.

Tip number 5:
The flexibility to change your mind College gives you the opportunity to discover what you like to study. There is always the option to change your mind. It's never too late to explore new passions that you are interested in. Ovals accredited qualifications allow you to diversify yourself into different fields and gives you the flexibility to swap courses. It also sets you up for lifelong learning experiences.

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